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How To Build Your Investment Team

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Tips for Building Your Real Estate Investment Team

Tips for Building Your Real Estate Investment Team

Plan the Work, then Work the Plan

As investors, we all have a certain role we play in a deal. Some of us wear many hats, and some of us specialize in a specific area. A lot of times, needs and skill sets change from deal to deal.

To put yourself in the best position to close a deal, you need to first plan out what resources you need.

Here's a list of roles that you may need for any investment team:

  1. Legal/Attorneys

  2. Brokers

  3. 3rd Party Reports/Data

  4. Insurance Providers

  5. Underwriting

  6. Engineering/Architects

  7. Construction/Renovations

  8. Title Agency

  9. Financing/Banks

  10. Investors

Establish Budgets

Determine your available funds and budget your costs to make sure you pay for the services and expertise that you need.

“A lot of people go cheap on legal - in my opinion you get what you pay for.” - David Toupin, REL's CEO

Grow Your Network

You need to know the right people with the right expertise and skillset. One pro tip is growing your professional network through a Community like the one we run here at REL. We create a relaxed type of environment that helps people make actual connections.

Learn Expert Strategies

Listen to David Toupin talk more about his perspective on building teams:


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