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Real Estate Lab provides cutting-edge resources and solutions to real estate investors.


We achieve this mission through:

  1. Establishing a culture of excellence and innovation

  2. Striving to provide superior customer experiences at every opportunity

  3. Building a respected brand centered on thought leadership

  4. Providing value to all stakeholders

  5. Demonstrating leadership in the community

Our Story

Real Estate Lab's founder, David Toupin, started investing in real estate at 19 years old, and successfully acquired more than $100M in multifamily real estate assets within 6 years. David noticed how much time underwriting took away from his ability to find and close deals, so he created his own analysis tool using MS Excel.

The Excel template became one of the most widely used underwriting tools in the industry, gaining thousands of downloads off of his personal website with no real marketing.

Inspired by the success of that Excel template, David founded and personally funded Real Estate Lab in 2020, and along with co-founders Alex Rits and Stephen Nagrant, REL set out to develop the best acquisition and underwriting solutions in the industry.

Real Estate Lab began to build our Acquisitions Platform, while also developing other solutions such as our paid networking Community, Virtual Training Course, and other resources to provide customers with value regardless of where they are in their investing career.

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Meet The Team


David Toupin

Chief Executive Officer &


Stephen Nagrant

Chief Marketing Officer &


Alex Rits

Sales Director &


Brandon Pack

Sales Manager


Cynthia Dzwigalski

Content Manager

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