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Upgrade your multifamily real estate investing with Real Estate Lab and discover the better way to analyze, manage, and close deals.

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Fast and Reliable Data Parsing

Take the legwork out of reviewing property financials with our proprietary Parsing Engine. Upload your property's financials and our system will automatically organize and extract relevant information from the Rent Rolls and T12's. That data will then flow into either your personal underwriting model or any number of our underwriting models. This feature is your secret weapon to turn raw data into valuable investment insights.

Automate Underwriting with REL Models and Templates

Underwrite properties with a reliable, trusted, and standardized analysis in just a few clicks using our customizable Deal Analyzer. No two investments are the same, and our templates allow for any scenario. Whether you're dealing with a compact duplex or a sprawling 400 unit apartment complex, you can add unlimited properties and tailor your financial models to fit any situation. This ensures your analysis is precise, relevant, and reflects the unique aspects of each potential investment. Underwrite with preloaded REL models, upload and link your own underwriting models, or create custom templates.

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Integrated Public Record Data

Gain an edge with our available Public Record Data. Access comprehensive public record data to get a complete picture of your potential investments. From sale history to tax information, this feature offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Make informed investment decisions and minimize risk with the power of complete transparency.

Simple Document Storage

Say goodbye to physical paperwork or confusing cloud drives with our secure Document Storage feature. Store all your critical documents in one safe, easily accessible location for each property. Whether it's property reports, lease agreements, or financial statements, our secure cloud-based storage ensures you and your team have the information you need, when you need it. 


Easy Team Collaboration

Enhance your team's productivity with our Collaboration features. Communicate, share documents, and work together on deals seamlessly, all within the platform. Whether your team is across the office or across the globe, this feature ensures everyone stays on the same page. Foster a collaborative environment and streamline your team's workflow for optimal efficiency and profitability.

Easy Pipeline Management

Take control of your deal flow with our Pipeline Management system. Track and manage all your potential investments in one place. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you to monitor each deal's progress, from initial underwriting to final closing. By streamlining your workflow, you can focus on what really matters: securing profitable investments.

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One-Click LOI Generator

Our Letter of Intent (LOI) Generator is a dynamic tool designed to simplify and streamline real estate transactions. This feature allows you to automate creating a comprehensive and professional LOI, eliminating the need to start from scratch for each new deal. You can easily customize your LOI with specific details about the property, terms of the agreement, and parties involved, all formatted into a professional, legally compliant document. You can save your LOIs within the platform for future reference or editing and even export them for printing or emailing. The LOI Generator integrates seamlessly with your property analysis data within Real Estate Lab, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all your documents. 

Secure Deal Sharing

Our Deal Sharing feature is a collaborative tool designed to enhance teamwork and streamline communication within your real estate transactions. This feature allows you to effortlessly share property deals with your teammates or partners directly within the Real Estate Lab platform. Whether you're working on a joint venture or want to gather feedback, this tool makes it easy to share property details, analysis data, and notes in a secure read-only format. The Deal Sharing feature ensures that everyone involved in a project can access the same up-to-date information, fostering transparency and efficient decision-making. Plus, it eliminates the need for lengthy email threads with sensitive data, keeping all your deal-related communication in one place.


Since launching in 2022, Real Estate Lab has helped investors purchase more than $200 million in multifamily real estate.

Don't wait for this intel to reach your competitor - be an early adopter by modernizing your systems with REL, and start automating your underwriting and acquisitions today!

These features are just some of the many ways Real Estate Lab is committed to provide cutting-edge resources and solutions to real estate investors.  We are continuing to develop new tools and more game-changing features for REL - we'll announce new updates ASAP!

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