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Powerful Features Built To Win More Deals

Powerful Features Built To Win More Deals

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Automated Data Parsing

Take data entry and other manual work out of underwriting with our proprietary parsing engine.

Simply upload your rent rolls and deal financials and our system uses machine learning to extract, standardize and organize relevant data into your custom-built analysis model.

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AI-Powered Rent Comps

REL utilizes the latest AI-powered technology to match your deal to the most relevant comparable properties in any U.S. market, delivering rent comp data updated daily.

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Integrated Market Data

Keep up with changing market conditions with integrated public record data, providing access to current ownership information, tax and sale history, and property details.

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Accelerated Underwriting

Quickly produce institutional-grade valuations using our library of Analyzer Templates.

Want to use your existing model templates or need a custom model built?

REL provides solutions for every scenario.

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Automated Financial Data Parsing & Extraction

Upload financials (Rent Rolls/T12) and your data flows directly into your custom analysis model.

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Integrated Market Data & Public Records

Stay current in changing market conditions with updated property record data, owner info, and tax and sale history.

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AI-Powered Rent Comps Updated Daily

Use AI to match your deal to the most relevant comparable properties, in any U.S. market.

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Accelerated Underwriting System & Custom Models

Quickly produce institutional-grade valuations using our library of Analyzer Templates.

A Better Way to Analyze, Manage, and Close Deals

A Cutting-Edge Comprehensive Multifamily Platform

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Letter of Intent Generator

Move on deals quickly by automatically generating professional Letters of Intent, complete with your personalized deal points, contact information and consistent company branding.

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Share Deals
Simply & Securely

Easily share deal information and submit offers through our secure platform, letting you grant 'Editor' or 'View-Only' privileges and select which models are visible.

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Easy-To-Use & Intuitive Workspace

REL's responsive drag-and-drop interface lets you easily upload files anywhere inside the platform and organizes them within the cloud-based storage associated to deals.

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Industry-Leading Multifamily Deal Analyzer

Standardize your analysis with the flexibility and customization of REL's renowned Deal Analyzer and produce accurate valuations.

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Optimize Your Pipeline & Deal Flow

Custom pipelines allow you to better manage your investments and view your entire portfolio in a snapshot.

Move deals through your pipeline in Board View, update details in List View, and plot your properties in Map View.

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Get Organized & Streamline Operations

Organize critical documents with Cloud File Storage & increase effective communication with Note Sharing.

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Industry-Leading Deal Analyzer

Optimize Pipeline & Deal Flow

Intuitive Workspace & Dashboards

Custom Letter of Intent Generator

One-Click Deal Sharing

Streamline Operations

Deal Analyzer & Templates

Manage Pipeline &
Optimize Deal Flow

Intuitive Workspace &

Letter of Intent

Secure One-Click
Property Sharing

Cloud Document Storage &
Collaborative Notes

Don't just take it from us - see what our customers are saying

Solutions For Modern Multifamily

"My team loves Real Estate Lab and we use it all day everyday as our acquisitions, analysis, and pipeline management platform. REL automates underwriting and helps us be proactive and precise in our deal flow process without hiring additional staff."

Tate S. // Managing Partner, Multifamily Investment Firm

Q. How does REL accelerate your acquisitions?

A. Less time in spreadsheets and more time closing deals.

Speed up analysis to make quicker, smarter decisions.

Underwriting solutions from Real Estate Lab

Don't just take it from us - see what our Customers are Saying

How Does REL Help You Analyze Deals Better?

"Real Estate Lab has the best multifamily deal analyzer in the industry. I've tried all the other templates and calculators out there and REL is the most customizable. Upload any spreadsheet into the model and produce reliable valuations automatically."
Guilherme V. / Independent Multifamily Investor and Analyst

Focus on the deal and let REL handle the manual work.

Brokerage solutions from Real Estate Lab

Don't just take it from us - see what our Customers are Saying

How Does REL Streamline Your Deal Management?

"REL is essential for our business, it has automated a considerable amount of manual work, lets us quickly send accurate offers to buyers, and has improved the speed of our underwriting so we can focus on hunting more deals."
David A. / Multifamily Broker

Increase your deal flow without analysis paralysis.

Syndication solutions from Real Estate Lab

Don't just take it from us - see what our Customers are Saying

How Does REL Amplify Your Pipeline's Potential?

"I'm thrilled with Real Estate Lab; it's outstanding software that's incredibly helpful in managing my pipeline. REL increases the volume of deals I'm able to work through. It's easy to use, and keeps you organized so you don't get overwhelmed by data."
Renato G. / Multifamily Syndicator
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