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Real Estate Lab is Your Hub for Multifamily Underwriting, Acquisitions, and Asset Management.

Precision in Every Decision


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Finally, a Platform Built for Modern Multifamily Investing

  • Data Parsing & Deal Analyzer: Drive Accurate Valuations, Maximize Returns

  • Rent Comps & Public Records: Stay Ahead with Integrated Market Insights

  • Portfolio Pipeline Management: Manage Deals with Unparalleled Efficiency

  • Collaboration Tools: Empower Your Team with Streamlined Communication

  • LOI Generator & Custom Templates: Simplify Complex Data into Profitable Decisions


Cutting-edge Tools Designed to Solve Your Biggest Problems

Document Management

Sharing and managing investment-related documents can be cumbersome, affecting decision-making speed and efficiency.

Data Overload

Sifting through massive volumes of data to find actionable insights is time-consuming and prone to error.

Communication Issues

Efficiently collaborating within teams and with external partners is often hindered by inadequate communication tools.

Complex Deal Management

Managing a vast array of multifamily investment deals can be overwhelmingly complex, requiring meticulous attention to detail and organization.

Volatile Market Conditions

Accurately analyzing market trends and rent comparables is crucial but challenging due to rapidly changing market conditions.

Valuation and Underwriting Accuracy

Conducting precise investment valuations and underwriting is critical for success but can be complex and error-prone.

Build a Custom Database to Fit Your Business

Our onboarding process helps facilitate building out your custom database to fit your specific needs. From custom template, to a customizable workflow for your acquisitions pipeline and more, we give you the data and tools you need to analyze deals faster and asset manage your current portfolio better.

Success Stories: How REL Empowers Top Investors

$200 Million+

Real Estate Acquired using REL


Acquisitions Analyzed with REL


Average Deal Flow Increase

"The best part? REL was built by active investors doing deals; they understand what investors need, it's a great tool."

REL User, Elite Indy Realty Group

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